On Tuesday, June 20, 1972, thirty-seven Christians believing that God was on their side, held devotional services in the home of Rev. James A. Horton. They prayed for help and guidance and it was decided at that time to organize and charter a new church.

The Lord directed Rev. Horton that 301 N. Central Avenue would be the site of their new church home. The name of the church would be Kingdom Baptist Church.  Fifty-seven individuals interested in joining the church, signed resolutions and declarations to solidify their participation.

Pastor James Horton served faithfully until his death in February of 1995. Through his vision and leadership many were baptized and united with the church on their Christian experience.

Rev. Tabe Miller served loyally as pastor for seven years prior to his retirement and now serves the church as Pastor Emeritus. Rev. Christopher Murry served as pastor until 2006, and Rev. Ray E. Williams, Sr. served as pastor until 2016. Today, Kingdom Baptist Church is led under the tutelage of Pastor Marcus Clemons. 

Currently, Kingdom continues the mission of canvassing and witnessing to the community in a continued effort to bring the lost to Christ.  Its Food Pantry Outreach Program is available to all in need and their foreign mission work sends financial aid to Haiti, Africa, and other local agencies in need on a consistent basis.